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Middle School 

Our middle school department is comprised of grades 6-8, typically ages 12 through 14.

AERO Common Core Curriculum is utilized for all subjects, with the Bible being an added curriculum created by LAS to meet the needs of our students and school climate.​ Technology permeates many aspects of our work with IT as an integral part of subject teaching which transcends all the way to high school.

Our small class sizes help identify and support students both in- class and in one-to-one teaching spaces in order to access the curriculum effectively and efficiently.


The department provides for spiritual nurture and discipleship of its students with the goal of developing a biblical worldview. Spiritual nurturing of Christlike character is planned, intentional, and systematic in implementation. Mentoring and discipleship experiences are necessary components in a spiritual formation strategy. Students are given opportunities to serve others and develop a Christlike attitude toward the poor, needy, and vulnerable. 


We Inspire and Empowering our learners to be Curious and committed to their life-learning and be citizens who show Integrity, Respect, and Tolerance.

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