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College Applications & Admissions

All students from grades 8 through 12 will participate in this program in order for us to create a systemic approach to a successful High School career with LAS and the securing of admissions entrance for as many students as possible.


Please note that we do not guarantee or admission into university for any student, however, we vow to do all we can to aid in the process and procedures involved in the selection, application, completion of requirements, submission of documentation, and any final acceptance details that require our involvement. 

We utilize external sources only when their assistance is deemed necessary. We work closely with the British Council and Ghana Education Service to allow private candidates to participate in various entry exams aside from the SAT. This includes IGCSE. We also collaborate with the National Accreditation Board in Ghana to enable SAT results to be translated into WAEC format for entry into universities that do not accept SAT results. 

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We aim to grow learners in entrepreneurship guided by the values of Christian based servant-leadership for the 21st Century to unlock opportunities, in a changing world.

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