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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

LAS prepares its youth, guided by the values of Jesus Christ, for servant-leadership in a global community. LAS exists to support the effort of expatriate and Ghanaian parents to raise up the next generation of family,religious, business, and political leaders for Ghana and beyond.

We Learn

We Inspire our learners to become Confident, Creative, Innovative Inquirers in a global community.

We Lead

We aim to grow learners in entrepreneurship guided by the values of Christian based servant-leadership for the 21st Century to unlock opportunities, in a changing world.

We Challenge 

We Challenge our learners to adapt with flexibility and a problem-solving mindset in world humanitarian issues.


Our Vision Statement

~To develop collaborative servant leaders and team members with a global outlook.

~To encourage each student to successfully use the unique abilities with which they have been blessed by God.

~To instil a strong work ethic in each student while encouraging a balance of family, friends, worship, and play.

~To develop curious, creative, confident, lifelong learners who value a healthy lifestyle, guided by Christian principles.

~ Experience the outpouring of the Spirit of God in a personal and meaningful way.

Core Values

All aspects of LAS are shaped by the three core values; CHRIST, COMMUNITY, AND EXCELLENCE.  

They are embodied in our school emblem the “flame” and guide everything we do.


CHRIST is our spark and foundation. As a Christian school, we are firmly grounded in our faith. We believe that when a student becomes a creative, life-long learner whose mission is to serve humanity as a Christian leader then our highest expectations of the student will have been realized.



We are a Community that supports the family of students, parents, and staff with a culture of excellence where we develop a lasting personal relationship with each other.



LAS utilizes an American school curriculum which emphasizes grade-level achievement. We see to it that our students excel and live above standard in any environment they found themselves.

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