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About Us

Liberty American School (formerly LAS Liberty School) is a non-denominational, private, co-ed, day and boarding American Christian school founded on the three core values of Christ, Community, and Excellence. We cater to a variety of cultures from ages 3 months through to 18 years.


We also offer summer school for students needing revision, summer camp open to the public for holiday fun, and a year-round Crèche program. Our school is dedicated to small class sizes and one-on-one teacher interaction. Built on the foundations of our 3 core values Christ, Community, and Excellence we provide holistic learning for the Spirit, Soul, and Body and the practical application of the information taught. The school seeks to encourage students to combine academic ability and intellectual curiosity with critical thinking skills within the context of Biblical principles.

We aim to groom learners with enterpriser skills guided by the values of good servent-leadership for the 21st Century to unlock opportunities, in a changing and challenging world.

We inspire our learners to become Confident, Creative, Innovative Inquirers in a global community.

Liberty American School was founded in 2012 and opened on August 14th, 2013. The vision for the school began in 2012 with families seeing the need for a strong, and independent Christian school.


The desire of the founder was to bring strong academic, high-quality, Christian teaching, operating in a well-informed and progressive environment, and developing the individual child. Inspired by this vision, Mrs. Cynthia Agyepong, School Founder and Executive Director, took prudent steps to open the doors of LAS.

It is governed by a Board of Directors and administered by a sole principal who also serves as head of school.

About Us

LAS is an abbreviation of Liberty American School as well as being an acronym for Live Above Standard, which is our expectation of all within our school. 

Currently, LAS holds an award from West Africa International Press for being one of the top 10 private schools in Ghana, an award from African Leadership Magazine for African Academic Leadership Excellence, and an appreciation award from the first annual African Prestige Awards. It is quickly becoming known for education reform and innovation on a global scale.

We aim to grow learners in entrepreneurship guided by the values of Christian based servant-leadership for the 21st Century to unlock opportunities, in a changing world.

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