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Graduation Requirements

LAS has its own set of graduation requirements for High School students. Students in grades 9-12 receive credit for courses, with a total of 27 credits required for graduation.  Within those 27 credits, specific credits are designated to each subject area. 

  • Language Arts- 4 Credits, including Writing & Literature

  • Mathematics- 3 credits, including Algebra & Geometry

  • Science- 3 credits, including Biology & Chemistry

  • Social Studies- 4 credits, including US History & African History

  • Foreign Language- 2 credits

  • Fine Arts- 2 credits

  • Electives- including 1 PE credit, 1 Bible credit per year of attendance, 1 Study Skills credit, 1 IB Prep credit (for applicable students), 1 credit Philosophy of Knowledge, 1 credit Career & College Guidance Counseling (CCGC). 

  • Internship- 1 credit


We develop collaborative servant leaders and team members with a global outlook.

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