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Our Elementary department is comprised of Grades 1-5, typically ages 6 through 11 years.
Our small class sizes help identify and support students both in- class and in one-to-one teaching spaces in order to access the curriculum effectively and efficiently.

The curriculum utilized for this department is an adaptation of AERO common core curriculum from the US, with the biblical integration being purposely and intentionally added component across subject areas. Technology permeates many aspects of our work with IT as an integral part of subject teaching which transcends all the way to high school.

The department utilizes a backward model, addressing the end goal of the following grade level inception requirements to drive formulation of curriculum allocation throughout the lesson plan. Additional supplements to the curriculum include a math program called UCMAS that reinforces curriculum and grade-level standards through the use of abacus training and speed math exercises.


We Challenge our learners to adapt with flexibility and a problem-solving mindset in world humanitarian issues.

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