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High School 

Our high school department is comprised of grades 9-12, typically ages 15-18.

AERO Common Core Curriculum is utilized, with the Bible being an added curriculum created by LAS to meet the needs of our students and school climate. Additionally LAS is working towards to become an IB candidate school.

We are proud of the number of young adults we churn out every year and the excellent SAT results they achieve. We also take pride in the attractive study grants our students receive from top universities all over the world.

Our Student Council allows student leaders to experience a taste of politics and the rudiments and ethics of electioneering, communication, negotiation,  persuasion, campaigning, and marketing. This enables students to internalize the importance of critical thinking, discipline, effective communication, social responsibility, creativity, and international mindedness.


We Challenge our learners to adapt with flexibility and a problem-solving mindset in world humanitarian issues.

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