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At LAS, your child's education is held in the highest esteem and is viewed as a partnership between parent, child and faculty. Our goal to foster an attitude of lifelong learning so students will continue to ask questions and seek knowledge to satisfy a natural, healthy curiosity.

Our faculty members care deeply for our students and make it their personal goal to guide every child toward success academically, spiritually and socially. We believe that all children are unique and gifted in various ways as blessed individually by our loving God, and therefore, do our best to meet the varied learning styles and needs in the classroom.


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LAS strivs to achieve this as follows

Provide frequent, open communication between parent, student and teacher.

Differentiating teaching methods and instruction to best meet the varied needs and learning styles of the students in each classroom.

Small class size optimizes varied learning styles through personal attention.

The LAS teaching staff includes faculty trained in special education and reading, who collaborate with all teachers to meet the learning needs of students school-wide.

LAS meets needs within the regular classroom rather than through "pull out".

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#43 Kinshasha Avenue, East Legon, Accra. Ghana - West Africa



(+233) 05746 05722

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