Liberty American School offers the opportunity of internships to qualified and passionate candidates from around the world. Descriptions of internships and the process of application can be found here. 


1) ESL/ELL Teacher

English as a Second Language for English Language Learners class is meant specifically to instruct students who are native speakers of other languages. The range of students spans from our Elementary, Middle, and High School departments. This position requires a thorough knowledge of the English language and the ability to identify what areas a student needs assistance with. An added benefit is the ability to speak other languages in order to communicate difficult concepts or topics in a language well understood by the student. Teaching content can consist of rote pronunciation techniques, quizzes, textbooks, videos, computer lessons, oral and written reports and more. It is useful to combine basic skills with real-life interactions such as shopping, school, home life, etc. Click on the link above to apply for this position.


2) PE Teacher Assistant

Th PE Teaching Assistant is responsible for supporting the PE and/or swimming classes to whom they are assigned to during the teaching and learning process. They shall assist the teacher in creating a physical and emotional environment for students that is safe, supportive, motivating and in all ways conducive to learning. The Teaching Assistant will also give administrative support to the class teacher.   


3) Music Teacher Assistant

The Music Teaching Assistant is responsible for supporting the Music Teacher during lessons. Typical responsibilities include acquiring appropriate teaching materials and resources, teaching music theory, aural skills, and practical techniques to students, motivating and encouraging students and progress, assessing student abilities, organizing recitals and concerts for school events, and any other department related duties as assigned by the Music Teacher or School Principal. 


4) Classroom Floater

This position requires adaptability and flexibility as the duties include assisting in various classrooms as deemed necessary. Responsibilities can include substitute teaching in the absence of a teacher, assisting projects and lessons, and other such duties. 


Application Process

An initial application must be submitted along with a photograph and CV (Resume). The online application will be sent to the Human Resources and/or the school Principal.

After review of submitted documents, Human Resources and/or the school Principal will contact qualified candidates to schedule an online interview via Skype. Successful candidates will receive communication within one week after the completion of the initial interview stating conditions and terms of employment. It is expected that all successful interns acquire their own passports, entry visas, and any necessary medical provisions such as vaccinations.

Airfare, transportation in-country, accommodation, and any salary allowance will be decided and communicated on a case by case basis directly to each successful candidate.

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