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We give your children the best to enable them feel safe and learn in the best enabling environment

Our first campus, located in East Legon, consists of 2 large buildings, 2 parking lots, and a play area.The Lower School Building houses prekindergarten through grade 5 and is equipped with a library and break-out rooms.

The Upper School and Administration Building houses grades 6 through 12 with a computer lab, a science lab, and the school offices. Visitors of the school are to park at the front entrance of the school. Parents dropping off and picking up their children are encouraged to utilize the North Gate found at the back of the school.


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Each member of our faculty and staff has the qulifications neccessary to provide the best learning experince

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The facility is monitored on-site 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Security staff monitor access at both gates and walls securing the entire facility.

The entire facility is secured by walls with two monitored gates allowing access.


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Our computer lab is constantly beign updated to meet modern standards

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LAS Liberty School boasts of a state-of-the-art/ultramodern computer laboratory. The laboratory contains 26 computers and an Interactive Board. Combining the easiness of an Interactive Board with the power of a computer, the whiteboard allows teachers to deliver vigorous lessons, write notes, draw in digital ink and save their work – all with the simple touch of a marker or finger.

With this interactive approach to learning, we hope to improve learning outcomes by enforcing a more hands on approach to learning, where students are encouraged to interact and engage in lessons, using all of their senses.


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Our modern adequate science laboratory

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Our school's science lab offers our students the hands-on experience to conduct experiments. Recent studies have proven that these experiments help students develop logical reasoning while furnishing them with the ability to respond to analytical comments easily, thus helping us build the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals.


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Good food prepared in hygenic conditions

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Blessed Cafeteria is the name of the school’s cafeteria. Blessed Cafeteria is managed by a team of professional caterers whose priority is to maintain good sanitation and to provide the school with healthy meals. The cafeteria serves both local and continental dishes, catering to the diverse cultural needs of the school. It also offers alternatives to vegetarians. Blessed cafeteria is located in the forecourt of the school with long tables spread out to provide comfort and leisure to students after long mornings in class.


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Clean swimming pool for sporting activities

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The school is equipped with a medium-sized swimming pool, which is used during Physical Education and extracurricular activities. The pool area is secured by a high fence. All children are monitored when in the pool, and when the pool is vacant, it is locked with a padlock.

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#43 Kinshasha Avenue, East Legon, Accra. Ghana - West Africa



(+233) 05746 05722

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